Steps to get Started as an Impact Rater

The Impaakt Team

7 min Read Time | November 25th 2022

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The ultimate guide for new Raters

Have you just finished watching the Certified Impact Rater webinar and are eager to get started? Or perhaps you have just signed up with us and want to know how to rate impact analyses?

We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will go over the 5 steps to:

  • Understand why impact is the right metric to measure, and why rating is essential.
  • Help you pass the mandatory rater's entry exam to obtain your Rater certification.
  • Become an outstanding Impact Rater.

For each step, you’ll be given the best practices to help you move up the learning curve.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Step 1: Find out why Rating is Important

  1. Impaakt’s goal is to collectively drive change in the impact that companies have on the planet and society. We do this by providing the information and tools the financial industry, corporations, investors, and consumers need to critically evaluate these companies’ impact.

  2. To assess the impact of companies and hold them accountable, we are relying on a knowledgeable community.

  3. This community reads and rates impact analyses, thereby giving companies an overall Impact Score.

👉 Take your understanding of the impact to the next level by reading the article Step 1: Find out why Rating is Important.

Step 2: Understand Impact when Rating

  1. Understand what an impact is.

  2. Learn to see companies’ impact as part of a chain: the logic model approach, and look at the different dimensions of impact: the what, the how much, and the who.

  3. A company can impact society and the environment through its products & services, internal processes, and philanthropic activities.

👉 More about impact measurement in this article: Step 2: Understand Impact when Rating.

Step 3: Learn how to Rate Impact

  1. To hold companies to account, we let our community rate the environmental and social impacts of companies.

  2. There are two dimensions to impact rating: the value and the scale.

  3. When rating, keep in mind our golden rules.

👉 Step 3: Learn how to Rate Impact is a must-read article before you start rating analyses.

Step 4: Consider the Golden Rules when rating

  1. Only rate the impact discussed in the analysis without taking into consideration other impacts the company may have, remaining unbiased.

  2. Regardless of whether companies mitigate their negative impact, consider the absolute value of the impact, whether it is positive or negative.

  3. You can gauge the scale of the impact by considering the absolute numbers. You can consider the comparisons to its peer-group, whilst taking into account the difference in absolute impact on companies in different industries.

👉 For a more detailed guide on important tips to keep in mind when rating, make sure to read Step 4: Consider the Golden Rules when Rating.

Step 5: Go Beyond Rating

  1. You can contribute by reporting mistakes on published analyses that you may spot while reading and rating.

  2. Companies' bubble graphs are a great tool to explore and use while rating.

👉 To find out how to further contribute to the IMpaakt platform, check out the article Step 5: Go Beyond Rating.


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