Step 7: Reference like a pro Everything you need to know to reference your sources with zero friction.

The Impaakt Team

7 min Read Time | December 18th 2022

Key takeaways


All analyses need to contain sources with working URLs and up-to-standard in-text citations.


You must first add all your sources and second add the corresponding footnotes in the body of your analysis. You can also copy your text with hyperlinked in-text citations from an external document, paste it in the analysis, and the footnotes will be added automatically.


Analyses that contain no sources or in-text citations will be rejected.

How to add a footnotes

Referencing your sources is simple. Select 10 trustworthy, high-quality, and publicly available sources, which are in English or translated into English.

First, you need to add all your sources in the area below the analysis.

Second, use the Footnote button to add a footnote.

You can then choose from the dropdown the source that is related to the footnote.

Referencing a source which is a pdf file or a document with page numbers.

In between the source and the page number, please add a semicolon ; and the letter p



The referencing should look like this:


Referencing a source when multiple page numbers of the same source are used:

  1. In between the different page numbers, please add a comma


The referencing should look like this:


2. When a range of page numbers are used, please add a hyphen



The referencing should look like this:


Referencing multiple sources at the end of one sentence:

Please add the sources one by one with a comma in superscript between the different sources without a space, and before the period.



Step 1: Add source 4 using the footnote tool


Step 2: Add source 5 using the same tool


Incorrect formats:

1. Commas are not superscripted in between two citations


2. There is a space between two citations


3. There are two different sources mentioned in the “Footnote number” represented by a single source


If you tend to write your analysis on an external site, such as Word or Google Docs and you add the citations manually there, when you paste your text in the analysis, the footnotes will be automatically added.

Zaini izzuddin 55bt Qzy Di O8 unsplash 1

How to format in-text citations

Please follow these standards when adding in-text citations:


N = source number,

X = page number within the source (if there is any)

X-Y = page range within the source

For multiple sources, please separate them with a comma and no spacing:

  • In-between the source number and the page number, please add a semicolon ; and the letter p.

  • Select a maximum of 10 high-quality, publicly available sources, which are in English or translated into English.


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