30+ How-To Guides to help you correctly analyse specific impact topics.

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5 min Read Time | January 16th 2023

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Have you ever wondered how to treat the impacts from water pollution on communities? Or deforestation? Or any other topic that goes beyond what a company communicates in its CSR report?

Below you'll find a guide of our standards for analysing impact in some of these essential topics.

By understanding and applying our standards on these topics before submitting your analysis, your work could be published straightaway!

Below you can find the content and links to all of our guides on how to analyse certain topics. Read them to guarantee that you correctly understand and analyse relevant impact topics and reach publication faster.

Are we missing something?

Don't hesitate to reach out to Shaan, our Community Engagement Manager, at shaan.madhavji@impaakt.com, and Anna, our Marketing and Communications Analyst, at anna-helena.chaim@impaakt.com, to suggest articles on topics not covered or report any issues.

If you would like clarifications on any topics offered or have hesitations on our standards and guidelines, please contact Sarah, our Reviewing Team Manager, at sarah.simon@impaakt.com.


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How to treat the topic of investments and its environmental and social impact.

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Step 4: Build a good structure

How should you structure your impact analysis.

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How to use the Topic Selector

How to pick a topic that interests you and reserve it so no one else can write on it

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How to Write an Impact Analysis

Impact analyses are short sustainability notes relating to a specific company’s activities and what impact they are having.

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