Golden Rule #7: Add value to your readers Follow these simple steps to ensure your analysis is insightful.

The Impaakt Team

6 min Read Time | August 10th 2021

Key Takeaways


It is essential to synthetize, put in perspective and challenge the data you put together.


Adding value means adding style, analytical flow and nuance to the various pieces of information you found in your research.


Simply listing figures and facts from company reports is not sufficient to be published.

“The seventh golden rule is to use facts and figures to create a critical, nuanced analysis of the topic at hand.”

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What's the problem

  • Writing a good impact analysis is more than just gathering good facts and figures.

  • Listing interesting data points does not bring value if they are not put in perspective, challenged and nuanced.

Simply paraphrasing CSR reports is not sufficient, as readers can go to the company report and read that information there directly. As a knowledge platform, we have to provide them with a clear added value.

What You Must Not Do

  • Share any piece of information that does not help your readers understand the impact of the company.

  • Repeat what they can already read in the sources as it does not add value for your readers.

  • Become the spokesperson of the company you are writing about: just summarizing their corporate sustainability report does not bring any value.


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