Impact Metrics

Quality data points on essential impact themes for effective reporting.
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Vital Measures of Companies' Environmental & Social Impact.

Obtaining the necessary impact metrics to make the right investment decisions is often a challenge, with patchy data, coming from multiple sources in a non-digestible format. Our Impact Metrics tool solves this issue, by extracting quality data points on essential impact themes for thousands of companies.

Our clients get access to hand-picked, vetted impact metrics at scale. From GHG emissions, water usage, % of renewable energy, and diversity metrics, if the data exists we can extract it for you.

At the centre of our metrics offering is our bespoke impact theme framework. This set of vital themes covers all relevant impact topics, enabling our clients to effectively report on environmental & social impact at the company and portfolio level.

Our themes include categories that are often overlooked such as 'Cure the World,' examining the impact of pharmaceutical companies or our range of product metrics which extract impact at all stages of the product lifecycle.

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Our Impact Metrics


Impaakt's Impact Metrics offers the most comprehensive and high-quality data available in the market today, with a level of granularity that sets them apart from other impact metrics providers. The data points are rigorously vetted and sourced in a smart way that utilises the perfect balance of AI & Collective Intelligence.


Our data sets are linked to the SDG they impact most in addition to the SASB and ILG theme, making the data fully applicable to your preferred framework, you can report key impact figures on multiple frameworks simultaneously.


Many existing data points fail to capture what matters most - impact. Our solutions reduce this misalignment by providing the impact data on the key issues you've been looking for.