Qualitative Impact Research

Valuable, exhaustive research & analysis, powered by collective intelligence.
Qualitative Impact Research

Unlock Critical Impact Insights

Leveraging the power of collective intelligence, we unlock critical impact insights and help investors overcome the lack of qualitative research available in the market.

Our Impact analyses offer high-quality qualitative impact research on the positive & negative impacts of companies.

Quantitative data is not always useful when talking with end clients, we provide our clients with ready-to-use "impact stories" in the form of impact analyses. Our clients share them to support discussions in a substantially more effective way than with raw quantitative data.

These short summaries enable clients to get an overview of the main issues at stake before drilling down into further research or preparing engagement activities.

With thousands of trained brains working as one, the articles our community of analysts produce, are rigorously vetted in order to deliver valuable and exhaustive impact research.

Qualitative Impact Research & Analysis

+35K Articles assessing impact not intentions

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40 Impact Themes covered across multiple industries

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200k Verified Sources

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200k Hours of Research & Analysis

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Impact Research Changing the Market


We go beyond analysing ESG risks that companies are exposed to.

Instead we identify, document and measure all the positive and negative contributions that a company brings to the planet and society.

Net impact


Our community assesses the impact of a company's actions and output - not its intentions, statements or future goals.

0% greenwashing.


Our unique collective intelligence approach delivers unrivalled depth and diversity of analysis.

The closest thing to a market-based sustainability valuation, achieved by an educated community of analysts.