Advanced Impact Analytics at your fingertips.

What can Impaakt do to enhance your reporting?

Measuring real impact, not just practices.

When most of the existing rating systems focus on the practices of companies, Impaakt looks at their entire impact in the most exhaustive way, analysing how their operations, their products, their innovations and even their ideas profoundly change our society and our planet. Our interest is for real impact in all its dimensions.

Relying on collective intelligence, not just a few experts.

The Impaakt team was not built around a few experts. It brings together potentially thousands of analysts that are not selected on their degrees or professional background, but rather on the quality, relevance and objectivity of the analyses they publish. This unrivalled brain power gives us a depth and diversity of analysis that no other system can deliver.

Providing real-time impact quotes, for everybody to use.

Our “impact quote” reflects the social and environmental value of a company just like the stock exchange quote shows its financial value. It is a simple, universal and constantly updated metric that makes it easy to compare the impact of companies across sectors and geographies. And it is available for everybody to use.

We offer high-quality impact data. This is made available to our clients through subscription packages giving you access to our various services.

  • Access standardised impact reports on companies, sectors or SDG’s.
  • Advanced data analytics tools that make it possible to access and process our data from many different angles, at the highest possible level of granularity.
  • Virtual portfolio management features that investors can use to build and manage their own impact-driven portfolios, updated in real-time.
  • Fully fledged data exporting tools that allow our clients to integrate our data within their own information or portfolio management systems.

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