SFDR - The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

From PAIs to impact data, we have the tools to help you classify your Article 8 & 9 products
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Helping Financial Players Respond to Regulatory Requirements

With the evolving and challenging regulatory landscape, investors must report on several fronts. The SFDR, or the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, means more data than ever must be captured and interpreted.

Our SFDR Solution is a specialized tool empowering investors to navigate this landscape with precision. Our solution facilitates a comprehensive analysis of company and fund-level data.

By aligning impact data with the Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) indicators and harnessing the Portfolio Diagnostic Tool, financial stakeholders gain a clear perspective of entity and fund-level impacts. This clarity significantly supports the accurate classification and justification of Article 8 & 9 funds, ensuring compliance and strategic decision-making.

SFDR Proof

PAI Reporting

At the entity-level.

Gain a deeper understanding of your investments by seamlessly aligning the 14 Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) indicators with our extensive array of topics and frameworks.

Article 8 & 9 Classification

At the product-level.

Empower your portfolio strategy through our innovative Portfolio Diagnostic Tool. Discover the precise impact of your portfolio or fund, enabling you to confidently classify and justify your Article 8 & 9 funds.

Coverage Gaps

On-demand research.

Require data on a specific company? Our on-demand research, powered by our robust community, bridges any gaps in your coverage. Whether you're dealing with missing data or seeking to uncover more granular information, Impaakt can deliver.