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What makes our impact data different?

Measuring what Matters

We go beyond measuring ESG risks that companies are exposed to.

Instead we identify, document and measure all the positive and negative contributions that a company brings to the planet and society.

Net impact.

Ultimate Truth

Our collective intelligence approach is unique and delivers unrivalled brainpower, depth & diversity of analysis that no other system can.

Each impact issue is weighted based on the assessments of global society, not the views of one provider, expert, or company.

This makes our impact research the closest thing to a market-based sustainability valuation.

Greenwashing Proof

We focus on actual outputs & outcomes, not intentions, statements or future goals.

Our community assesses the actions that companies have taken whenever they bear fruits. Not before. 0% greenwashing.

We solve the problems you face.


Current ESG data is opaque. You often don’t know how scores and reports are calculated. Every score we deliver can be viewed with the underlying impact research and data.

No secret.

No black box.


ESG reports and data are often - outdated by the time they reach you.

Our impact data offers diagnostics in real-time, establishing a score that is reactive, always up-to-date, and captures the evolution of a companies’ impact in real-time.


ESG scores and reports don’t allow you to compare companies’ merits across sectors.

We do, on multi-dimensional impacts, not just on 1 like CDP. You can see the net contribution of a business to find out who contributes to making our world a better place.

Award Winning Impact Data & Research

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Impactful investing requires Impaakt.

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